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Top 10 Best NFT Exchange To Buy & Sell NFTs Now | Where to Buy NFTs in 2022

Top 10 Best NFT Exchange To Buy & Sell NFTs Now | Where to Buy NFTs in 2022

NFT marketplaces have sprung up in response to the growing popularity of the technology. There are a variety of NFT marketplaces to choose from, ranging from the well-known OpenSea to the more autonomous and community-based Hic Et Nunc.

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The following is a list of top NFT  exchanges where you can purchase or sell NFTs.

  1. OpenSeaPopular NFT Marketplace

The OpenSea marketplace is the first and largest peer-to-peer NFT marketplace globally. NFT games, music, and other works of art on OpenSea.It supports  ERC-1155 and ERC-721 tokens One of OpenSea’s key advantages as an NFT marketplace is its mining tool.

This mining tool can assist content creators and illustrators create their own NFT collections and developing their things.OpenSea is an ideal platform for artists to create their own smart contracts for games or digital collections.

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2. SuperRare

SuperRare is primarily the best exchange for NFT for consumers to buy and sell one-of-a-kind, limited-edition digital artworks. Each piece of art is generated by a network artist and tokenised as a crypto-collectible digital commodity that you can own and trade. They define themselves as a cross between Instagram and Christie’s, providing a new way to engage with art, culture, and collecting on the internet.

Each piece of art on SuperRare is a digital collectible, a digital object that is encrypted and monitored on the blockchain. On top of the marketplace, SuperRare has constructed a social network. Digital collectibles are ideal for a social setting since they have a clear record of ownership.

3. Mintable

Mintable, which billionaire Mark Cuban funds, aspires to create a similar open marketplace like OpenSea. You’ll need Ethereum to participate in purchasing and selling NFTs on Mintable. The platform also allows creators of all kinds (from photographers to musicians) to mint NFTs in order to market their work as digital assets.

An ambitious NFT collector or creator must first purchase Ethereum on a crypto exchange, then connect their wallet to Mintable to participate in the marketplace’s bidding and buying.

4.  Axie Marketplace

Axie Marketplace is the online store for Axie Infinity, a video game. Axies are legendary animals that can be purchased and trained before being battled against the Axies of other players for rewards. Players can purchase new Axies and entire lands and other items as NFTs for use in the game on the Axie Marketplace.

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The Ethereum network is used to create Axie Infinity tokens (also known as Axie Shards). As a result, they’re available for purchase and sale on many additional NFT markets and other cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase Global.

5. Drop Theta

Theta is a blockchain platform for decentralized video and television distribution on the internet. Theta Drop, a new NFT store, debuted in 2021 with digital artifacts from the World Poker Tour. The World Poker Tour was an early adopter of ThetaTV and now streams programming on the network.

Theta’s proprietary blockchain technology is used. You’ll need to buy Theta Token to participate in the Theta Drop NFT marketplace (CRYPTO: THETA). Many crypto exchanges, including Binance, support theta, and the tokens and NFTs purchased with them can be saved in a crypto wallet or Theta’s own crypto wallet software.

6.  Decentraland

Popular NFT Tokens

Decentraland is a virtual reality realm where people buy and sell digital real estate. Its Builder tool allows developers to modify unique settings and architecture while creating fascinating Avatars. It has a lot of entertaining events planned, such as casino nights, parties, and virtual gallery launches.

The platform provides a free and open market structure by allowing customers to participate in policy amendments and land auctions. It’s a highly secure marketplace where users’ digital assets are kept safe under an Ethereum-based smart contract.

7. Portion

The Portion is the best NFT exchange built on  Blockchain technology to link artists and collectors so they can effortlessly sell, invest in, and own art and collectibles while maintaining complete transparency. It features the Artist Community, a decentralized global network of artists and innovators.

Anyone may be a collector because of Portion. You can keep track of your actual and digital collections in one spot, making it simple to trade cryptocurrency for art and collectibles. Portion Tokens are Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20 assets used to decentralize governance and vote on the platform’s future.

8. Larva Labs

Larva Labs is primarily known for the CryptoPunks NFT project, which went viral. CryptoPunks were originally given away for free in 2017, but some have since sold for millions of dollars. Larva Labs is working on several additional digital art projects, including Autoglyphs and other Ethereum blockchain-based app development initiatives.

The CryptoPunks NFTs from Larva Labs are sold out, but they can be bid on and purchased on various third-party marketplaces. Nonetheless, Larva Labs’ numerous projects are worth following, particularly the Meebits, which can be purchased directly through the company’s built-in marketplace.

9. Rarible

Rarible, like OpenSea, is a big marketplace for all kinds of NFTs. You can buy, sell, or create all kinds of art, movies, collectibles, and music on the site. However, unlike OpenSea, you’ll have to purchase and sell using the marketplace’s own token, Rarible (CRYPTO: RARI). The Ethereum blockchain underpins Rarible (although artwork can be managed on OpenSea using Rarible tokens).

The company has teamed up with several well-known businesses. Taco Bell (NYSE: YUM) has listed art on Rarible, and Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE), a cloud software giant, recently joined with Rarible to help secure NFT artists’ and creators’ work.

10. Foundation

Best place to buy to Buy NFTs
Best place to buy to Buy NFTs

Foundation is a well-known marketplace that sells a variety of popular NFTs. This shop proudly displays NFTs of Nyan Cat, an internet joke, and Aplex Twin’s audiovisual collectible, to name a few notable NFTs.

Both artists and consumers will find Foundation’s platform simple to use, and the activation process is relatively smooth. 

Compared to most of its competitors, finding and viewing digital art is a breeze. The cost of gas and minting could total more than US$40, depending on current gas prices.

Few More NFT Exchanges to Sell & Buy NFTs Now

Marketplace Traders Volume
OpenSea 52,014 $71.21M
Axie Infinity 40,280 $16.16M
NBA Top Shot 8,208 $575.87k
AtomicMarket 7,232 $181.24k
Hic et nunc 4,403 $329.35k
Rarible 417 $287.37k
Aavegotchi 344 $218.06k
NFTrade 292 $63.23k
Kalamint 136 $11.11k
Foundation 93 $234.14k
MegaCryptoPolis 87 $4.11k
MakersPlace 54 $115.17k
CryptoPunks 48 $11.04M
SuperRare.co 43 $3.07M
The Sandbox Marketplace 24 $4.04k
Which is the Most Popular NFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell NFTs?

These are the most popular NFTs marketplace to buy and sell NFTs. Number one is opensea, rarible, decentraland, solsea, SuperRare, Foundation.

What are the Top 10 NFT Marketplaces to buy and sell Non-Fungible Token?

1. OpenSea
2. Rarible
3. SuperRare
4. Foundation
5. AtomicMarket
6. Myth Market
7. BakerySwap
8. KnownOrigin
9. Enjin Marketplace
10. Portion

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