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Amazon’s NFT plans hinted at on friday afternoon receipt

Amazon’s NFT plans hinted at on friday afternoon receipt

Amazon appeared to affirm in an email to CoinDesk that digital tokens, an NFT gallery, and resale opportunities are coming to the site.

CoinDesk received an email from an Amazon account that appeared to corroborate the existence of digital tokens and a gallery on the e-commerce platform on Friday afternoon.

The conformation email was sent to De after an Amazon Prime Video channel subscription was automatically renewed.

There have been weeks of rumors that Amazon will soon launch its own NFT marketplace, but the company has yet to comment publicly on the reports.

In January, crypto news site Blockworks first reported on the concept, citing anonymous sources. The new “digital assets enterprise” would focus on “blockchain-based gaming and related NFT applications,” according to the report. The crypto website The Big Whale then issued a report earlier this month stating that the feature would be released on April 24. According to the article, which also cited anonymous sources, the NFT platform will be accessible through an Amazon Digital Marketplace tab.

Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud-computing infrastructure, announced in January that it will collaborate with Ava Labs to expand its enterprise blockchain offerings; however, no plans for NFTs or a digital collectibles marketplace were mentioned.

According to the email sent to De, a digital token was deposited into an Amazon-hosted gallery. However, it appears that the email connection is not yet operational.

The email also discusses resale opportunities, noting that the NFT cannot be resold “until it is unlocked.” Before listing the NFT, De must “register as a reseller,” according to the email. However, the link to the resale page appeared to be faulty.

De had no access to the digital credentials. It is unclear how NFTs are related to this subscription renewal, despite the fact that both the email and the transaction confirmation were received simultaneously.

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