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The Summoning has arrived: Too Much Yuga?

The Summoning has arrived: Too Much Yuga?

The highly anticipated next major event in the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey, titled The Summoning, is finally arriving approximately two months after Sewer Passes were initially claimed. The exact usage of Power Sources remains uncertain, but Sewer Pass holders are excited to progress to the next phase of the adventure.

Upon burning Sewer Passes, holders will uncover an item in the HV-MTL collection, featuring 30,000 Mechs originating from 8 distinct Power Source types. As of now, the HV-MTL floor has fallen dramatically vs the passes with undercutting running rampant.  the Tier 1 passes are now ~ 2.39 ETH $3,984.35

The HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) collection is made up of 30,000 Mechs derived from 8 different Power Source types. Beginning March 15, 2023, eligible Sewer Passes can be burned to summon a Power Source that will reveal an Evo 1 Mech. Evo 1 holders can participate in future minigame sets with their Evo 1s to unlock additional HV-MTL evolution stages.

Sewer Pass rank cut-offs are as follows:

    • Legendary: Rank #1 only
    • Holo: Ranks 2-250
    • Reaver: Ranks 251-1,250
    • Celestial: Ranks 1,251-4,250
    • Knight: Ranks 4,251-9,250
    • Bio: Ranks 9,251-15,250
    • Dynamic: Ranks 15,251-22,250
    • Glitch: Ranks 22,251-30,000

Summoning Details

  • The Summoning event will remain open indefinitely, so there’s no need to rush to mint Power Sources.
  • Eight Power Source types are available, determined by Dookey Dash rank.
  • Power Sources will reveal Evo 1 Mechs, which can be used in future minigame sets to unlock more HV-MTL evolution stages.
  • Companion traits are temporarily removed from the collection due to display issues, but a metadata update will be issued once resolved.
  • 3,500 Sewer Passes remain unclaimed, and 789 claimed passes are ineligible for The Summoning.
  • Yuga will mint and retain the remaining bottom-ranked Power Sources until the next minigame, with details on acquiring these Power Sources to be announced later.
  • Visit the Summoning site at mdvmm.xyz/summoning to participate

Starting March 15, 2023, eligible Sewer Pass holders can burn their passes to summon a Power Source, which will reveal an Evo 1 Mech. With their Evo 1 Mechs, holders can participate in upcoming minigame sets to unlock further HV-MTL evolution stages.

Yuga Labs Fatigue

As Yuga Labs and BAYC continue to dominate the NFT space, there are growing concerns about potential market fatigue and an overreliance on these entities to prop up the entire ecosystem. While their projects have undoubtedly gained significant traction and value, critics argue that this concentration of success and influence may be detrimental to the long-term health and diversity of the NFT market. By overshadowing smaller and emerging projects, Yuga Labs and BAYC could inadvertently stifle innovation and limit the development of a more robust, decentralized creative landscape. To ensure the sustainable growth of the NFT market, it is crucial for the community to encourage and support a diverse range of projects and creators that can collectively contribute to the evolution of the space.

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