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Top 18 Food Delivery App Development Companies in USA, UK, Australia

Top 18 Food Delivery App Development Companies in USA, UK, Australia

You must be aware of the anime Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, etc., the food delivery apps present in almost every smartphone. When everybody is busy with their professional life or following their passion, it’s difficult for everyone to move out after a hectic day to grab food from restaurants. These food delivery service apps made things easier for the masses to grab their favorite food anytime and anywhere. 

Every restaurant owner wants their sale to be at their peak. Still, the way the world is busy with their hard-working life, it’s not easy for the restaurant’s owner to attract people even with huge discounts. In the era of Digitization, everyone wants everything at their doorstep. One of the biggest reasons everything is coming up with the idea of delivering either its apparel, medicines, food, or any service at the doorstep.

In the last two decades, food app development companies made it easier for start-up owners to deliver their products to the masses at their doorstep. Food Delivery App Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

Serving food was always a no-loss business, but as the population increased and the competition came into the market, the consumers demanded more than just-food. They also require good offers/discounts, fast service, better quality, and most importantly, they want to be at their doorstep. In a survey, 65% of the Americans stated that getting food at their place is more convenient than dining out. Although there are multiple food delivery apps available in the market, there is still scope for starting your food delivery service app.  

Another question that arises is whom should anyone hire to make your own app. You will meet such a company, who can give perfect shape to your idea, who can justify every bit of your dream project.

So, here is the list of food delivery app companies in the U.S. that can help you out in every possible way. 

We have listed these companies using the parameters of their reviews by clients, their services, how cost-efficient they are, knowledge of the requirement and technology, project security, their previous projects, team strength, their consistency & the way they deal with their clients. Multiple companies claim to be number one in the market, but once you go through their reviews honestly done by their clients, the picture will describe something different. It’s necessary to know about all this for a project owner because one wrong step while choosing the perfect company for the app development can make your dream project worse. 

20 best food ordering & delivery app developers in the United States, whom you can trust these days

Suffescom is one of the top food app development companies of the month – in USA, UK, and Australia, which offers food app development services to clients.

1. Suffescom – On Demand Food Delivery App Development

It is the top company when it comes to app development. Suffescom started providing solutions in 2013, and from then, they have been providing world-class service to their clients worldwide. With more than 250+ professionals located in the U.S.A. & India working tremendously. The developer’s teams are packed with the perfect combination of experienced employees and with young, energetic professionals delivering projects majorly in the U.K., U.S., and Australia. 

Their passion and experience help them to provide excellent work to their clients. The team works on various factors & lashes with the latest technologies to deal with any situation.

They have a strong base in building food delivery apps with multiple dashboard functionalities, offers, user-end, etc. The dedicated employees also help the client suggest better features in their app to reach the masses.  

Industry Covers: E-commerce, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Healthcare Education, Restaurants, and Fintech. 

Location: Suffescom Solutions, 5792 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90016

United States

Suffescom Solutions, 1701 S 1st St, Texas, Texas City, Texas 78704, United States

2. RisignMax – Restaurant Management System Software

RisignMax is a group of high-class professionals who help the ideas to make them a reality. The US-based company is one of the leading companies in making food delivery apps in the U.S.A., U.K., or Australia. Apart from food delivery apps, they also provide on-demand service to multiple other sectors. RisignMax is a team of young and professional developers who thrives on coming up with something unique for their clients.

A company that started in the year 2011, now setting up new benchmarks with their every upcoming project. With the strength of 200+ employees, they closely and perfectly supervise every client’s project. 

Industry Covers: It includes Automotive, health care, retail & e-commerce, e-learning, education, travel, tourism, real estate, banking and finance, logistics, and transportation. 

Location: RisingMax Inc, 600 Third Avenue, 2nd floor, N.Y.C., New York 10016, United States

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3. Hyperlocal

With the continuous improvement and delivery of projects tremendously well and on time, Hyperlocal Cloud is third in the list of best Food delivery app companies in the U.S.A. 

To better execute your idea, you can rely on this firm. The team of executives is always available on their toes to face any challenges.

The developers & the team working on it are always available on call to resolve the issue. They provide expert supervision to every project to make it excellent. The team of Hyperlocal Cloud has expertise in the development, modification, and integration. The team will execute your plans perfectly and won’t leave you in the middle of anything. 

Location: Hyperlocal Cloud, 600 Third Avenue, 2nd floor, N.Y.C., New York 10016

United States

4. Xicom Technologies – Making tomorrow’s retail industry

Xicom is one of the big bulls when it comes to app development. The company serves countries like the U.S., U.K., Australia in multiple niches. The charges for the service are between $50- $99/hour, and the strength of the firm is 900+ employees.

Starting the journey in 2002, the team of developers and other accompanied members thrives to give the best to their clients and helps the clients make a better business model for their users. 

Industry Covers: Automotive, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, E-commerce and Retails, Logistics and Transportation, Travel and Tourism, E-learning, and Education. 

Location: Xicom Technologies, 18 Bartol Street, #1155, San Francisco, California 94133, United States

5. Brainium Information Technologies – Food Delivery Solution

Brainium Information Technologies is a one-stop solution for searching for an app development company. Web technology, mobile technology, and digital marketing resources are available at their office. They are achieving milestones of success with their client’s excellent review of their work of more than 2000+ businesses globally. Technology lovers are always on the hunt to get maximum positive response. The developers deal with every perspective of the client’s dream project with perfection. 

How To Do Mobile App Marketing in 2022

They provide end-to-end solutions for web development, app development, and digital marketing of the app and services. The company has 25+ employees and charges approximately $25-$30 per hour. 

Industry Covers: Ridesharing solutions, Food Delivery Apps, Real Estate, E-commerce, E-learning, Transportation, Logistic, Tourism, On-demand service delivery app. 

Location: Brainium Information Technologies, Sector V, EN 60, Shakti Tower, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, India

5. Konstant Infosolutions – Online Food & Restaurant App Development Company

Konstant Infosolutions began in the year 2003 and now serving its clients with the strength of 250+ employees globally. Have 3 major offices in the U.S.A. & India. Konstant is a renowned name in app development and web technology. They are well known in the industry for their fast & quality service. They have good clients retention rate, which is upto 50-60%. They majorly operate from the U.S.A. and cover across every corner of the world. 

Industry Covers: Real Estate and Property, On-demand solution, Social networking, Food and Restaurants, Banking, Finance & Insurance, E-commerce, Retail, B2B solutions, Media & Entertainment, Fitness and Healthcare, Gaming & Leisure. 

Location: Konstant Infosolutions, OFFICE 7 35-37 LUDGATE HILL, London, London, EC4M 7JN, United Kingdom

6. Cubix – On Demand Food Delivery App Development

A company established in the year 2008 & currently running with the strength of 250+ employees doing great in app development and providing solutions to the app owners. They have an ace team of developers and work 24*7 for their clients. They majorly focus on the sector of food developing apps and is a perfect stop for anyone, whether it’s a start-up, organization, or any individual. Their tactic of working at a reasonable rate usually attracts clients to the app development. 

They have also worked for big companies like Suzuki, Canon, Hindustan Unilever, etc. 

Industry Covers: Real Estate, Games, Restaurants, On-demand, Healthcare, E-commerce, Finance, Travel, Transport, Events, Education, Grocery.

Location: Cubix, 700 S. Rosemary Ave, Suite 204-118, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, United States

7. TechAhead – Food App Development Services

In the 12 years of journey, TechAhead is moving forward as the best food ordering app firm in the United States & also providing service to other fields. With 150+ employees, the company already worked for big bulls and served quality products for start-ups and individuals. 

They charge approx $25 to $49/ hour & works mainly from the U.S. 

Industry Covers: E-commerce, E-learning, Real Estate, Food and Restaurants, Travel and Tour, Education, Media & Entertainment, Games. 

Location: TechAhead, 28720, Roadside Dr, STE 254, Agoura Hills, California 91301

United States

TechAhead, 7A, Tower C, Noida One, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


8. Emirates Software Group

They have been providing solutions to their clients since 2013 and made the B2B and B2C user interface easier than expected. The Emirates Software Group provides consulting services, designing, programming, maintenance, and outsourcing service. The delivery of the project is recommendable as per their clients and very accurate with their commitment. E.S.G. is fully packed with technology lovers and never gets bored to serve their clients. The tech-savvy inbuilt quality allows them to meet their requirement before the deadline. 

Apart from developing apps, they also provide graphic designing, SEO optimization, & web development. 

Industry Covers: Real Estate, Games, Tour and Travel, On-demand solutions, E-learning, E-commerce, Education, Banking and Finance, Insurance, etc. 

Location: Emirates Software Group F.Z. L.L.C., Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Downtown, Dubai, Dubai 0000, United Arab Emirates

9. SUDO Technologies – Food Software Development Company

SUDO Technologies is a Dubai-based company that gives an ace performance in app development and other services. The young and energetic team of professional developers provides app service to their clients with perfect quality and recommendable end-to-end solutions. SUDO Technologies is setting up another level benchmark for their competitors. With continuous effort and well-planned management, they deliver the projects on time. When it comes to perfection, they are on the top of the table. 

Industry Covers: Media and Entertainment, Food & Restaurants, E-learning, E-commerce, Education, Insurance, Banking & Finance, etc. 

Location: Office 1004, 10th Floor Boulevard Plaza Tower 2 – Downtown Dubai

10. 10Pearls – Food Application Development Company

10Pearls is a well-known, recognized food ordering app firm in the United States. The developers develop the apps and suggest the app owner for the betterment of the B2B or B2C end-to-end user interface. The clients share good reviews through the apps or on Google reviews and do verbally. The professionalism in providing the projects and making the best from the raw material is a recommendable work. The team always carries the client’s main purpose and never tries to deviate from their dream project to fix their issues. 

They have a huge team packed with technology lovers and experienced employees who know how to deal with challenges.  

The company started in 2004 but made its name as the most rising meal delivery app company in the U.S.A in the recent few years.

Industry Covers: Food and Restaurants, Real Estate, E-learning, E-commerce, Tour and Travel, Media, and Entertainment.

Location: 10Pearls, 2301 Georgia Ave N.W. D, District of Columbia 20005

United States

Here is the more popular 10 food delivery app development companies worldwide

Don’t worry! Make An App will help you find the right company for you. If the above listing meal ordering app developers are not the right fit for you, we have 5 more trusted food delivery app development companies at your service. Select & pick the one matching the requirement, budget & delivery time.

11. Praxent

Praxent is a well-known software company for the food delivery app in the U.S.A. The company was established in the year 2000 with more than 250+ employees providing services globally & 70+ software designers.  

They are handling the clients & delivering projects majorly from the U.S. The Present has a remarkable record of delivering projects on time. Over 300+ clients are happy with their service. You can try it out if you are also hunting for a food delivery app development company in the U.S. They research every project individually and create a road map to success within a limited period. The commitment towards the clients is recommendable. 

Industry Covers: Fintech, Real Estate, Lending, Wealth Management, Insurance, etc.

Location: Present, 4330 Gaines Ranch Loop, Suite 230, Austin, Texas 78735

United States

12. Fingent 

Fingent is a company that deserves much promotion and appreciation in the sector of the software development industry. With the strength of 300+ employees, the company is great with its work and effort. No matter what challenges they face, they are ready to accept the challenge and always turn it into something best—rising as the big name in the industry of Food ordering app development firms.

The company is handling its clients from 5 locations. They are giving tough competition to the competitors from 2003 with the company’s very beginning. 

The company charges around $50-$99 for an hour for the project. They don’t apply the same formula for every software building; they make a blueprint for every project and do in-depth research. 

Industries: Finance, real estate, logistics, education, non-profits, manufacturing, retail, health care, travel, sports, media, etc.

Location: Fingent, 235 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite #301 White Plains, N.Y.C., New York 10605, United States

Fingent, Level 27, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria VIC 3000


13. Diginix- A.I.

You can count this company as one the most trustable food delivery app development company in the U.S.A., Dubai, and other parts of the world as well. The team of software developers always thrives on giving something new to their clients. The young and energetic team of professionals holds a high educational degree and is also a handful of skills with a never quitting attitude. 

They always manage to deliver the project before the deadline, and clients hardly complain about any changes. 

Industry Covers: Law Enforcement, Educational Institutions, Retail Industry, E-commerce, Real Estate, Start-ups, Hotels & Hospitability, Small-scale Business, Business Automation. 

Location: Diginix Ai I.T. Solutions, 401-500, E.T.A. Star House, Al Muteena, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai 71501, United Arab Emirates

14. Experion Technologies

The company has been developing the food delivery app and other apps for the last 15 years and doing appreciable work. The company has a strength of 850+ dedicated employees & 300+ happy clients. They charge around $25-$49 for an hour, and it’s a fair amount if you go through their profile and client’s review. 

They are doing an award-winning performance in developing app and web solutions, providing well-furnished digital transformation to the client’s dream projects. Hardly found any negative review for Experion Technologies.

Industry Covers: Transportation, Food and Restaurants, Real Estate, Healthcare, etc.

Location: Experion Technologies, 15305, Dallas Parkway, 300, Addison, Addison, Texas 75001, United States

Experion Technologies, Suite 5, 20 Cato Street Hawthorn East, Melbourne, Victoria 3123, Australia

15. MindInventory – Food delivery app development

The Enterprise Mobility team is highly skilled and well known for its performance. The youth and experienced employees work great together to make world-class apps and web solutions. 

Delivering the project on time and making maximum effort to get a positive response from the user. Majorly focusing on providing their service in the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, and U.A.E.

The UAE-based company makes a global impact with its work and beats the odds with its team performance and well-organized management. They do in-depth research before developing an app, allowing the owner to gain maximum profit from their apps. 

Industry Covers: Health and fitness, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Food and Restaurants, Real Estate, E-commerce, E-learning, Education, Startups, etc. 

Location: Enterprise Mobility Software Solutions L.L.C. European Business Center, Dubai Investment Park, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai 00000, United Arab Emirates

16. ParamInfo

ParamInfo has been running its legacy since 2008, with a team of youth and dedicated employees. The employees are the pillars for the successful name behind the company—one of the best firms for food delivery app development in the U.S.A. The employees work full-fledged to meet the deadline, and none of the negative reviews are available yet based on their services. 

The company charges an approx $25-$49 per hour. With the strength of 900+ employees, the company delivers the project on time without any error. 

Industry Covers: Food and Restaurants, Real Estate, E-learning, E-commerce, Education, etc.

Location: ParamInfo, Quadrant 3 Level II A2 Cyber Towers Hitech City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081, India

ParamInfo, 5851 Legacy circle 6th floor Plano TX 75024, Texas City, Texas 75024, United States

17. Mindster

Mindster is a group of skillful developers dedicated to the jobs and serving their clients with positivity and perfection. The skillful 200+ employees work day and night to enhance the quality of the app industry. They are a well-known food delivery app development company. With positive reviews and ace working efforts, they are moving towards their best to achieve greater milestones.

Industries They Serve Real Estate, Education, Food & Restaurants, E-commerce, E-learning, etc. 

Location: Mindster, No. 28, 4th B Cross, Koramangala 5th Block, Kozhikode, Kerala, 560095, India

Must-Have And Features of Food Delivery App Development

  1. Online Ordering
  2. Booking Slots
  3. Push Notifications
  4. Online Order Tracking
  5. Manage Customers & Executive
  6. Manage Payment Integration
  7. Reports & Analytics
  8. Ratings and Reviews
  9. Multiple Online Payment Options
  10. Manage Multiple Request
  11. View delivery route directly
  12. Real Time Requests
  13. Advanced Search
  14. Cancellation
  15. Secure Payment
  16. Offers & Discounts
  17. Wallet
  18. Live Tracking

Top 5 Food Delivering Apps to Copy Their Idea in 2022

  1. Just Eat
  2. Food Hub
  3. Deliveroo
  4. Hungry House
  5. Uber Eats


I guess this information will help you choose the correct company when you search for the right company to hand over your dream project. 

Please highlight that in the comment section if you think something is missing. So, next time we come up with such a topic, we will definetly cover that company’s profile too. 

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