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20 Top Blockchain Games to Make Money Online 2022 | P2E Game for Passive Income

20 Top Blockchain Games to Make Money Online 2022 | P2E Game for Passive Income

Traditional games made the gaming industry popular at the level it is now. But, this is an ara of blockchain. And as the blockchain grows, it turns the tables in the gaming industry. 

Now, the developer does not rule the gaming world, but the players do. In the blockchain world, players are the sole decisionmaker and shouldn’t be overlooked. So, without making any more details, let’s get into the list of 20 games that can make you crazy money. 

List of the Best Blockchain Game for Passive Income

1. The Sandbox – Earn Money By Playing Blockchain Game

Sandbox – best blockchain games to make money

Sandbox is our first game on this list and is also one of the best blockchain games to make money. As contributed by its features, games have become a gamers phenomena just like Minecraft and Roblox.

In this virtual world or metaverse, players can own land, build structures, play games, and participate in interactions. You can monetize the adventures you create in the metaverse by buying a sandbox plot of virtual land, which can be an exciting event for artists or small developers who aren’t comfortable with other game engines. The SAND token can be used to buy and sell all Sandbox features, and ultimately, players contribute to the ongoing expansion of this metaverse. In addition to buying and selling virtual land, players can also trade NFTs, which can be used to customize their avatar’s appearance.

2. Upland – Property Trading Blockchain Game

Users can buy, sell, and trade virtual land, replicating the real world in this blockchain-based game. In the game, ” digital landlords” can build properties, and as they build, they earn UPX. 

How to Earn UPX in Upland & Trade property Upland

The game has projected the map of San Francisco and New York. It allows you to purchase virtual properties for sale that are interconnected to real-life addresses in these two cities. Recently, the game implemented a PropertytoUSD beta program, allowing players to stock properties for real money.

3. Cryptopop – Earn ETH Android App

If you played candy crush, which you probably might have played, you are halfway there with this game. It is just the blockchain version of the Candy Crush. 

But rather than earning the soda here, you can earn points by matching the cryptocurrency symbols that appear on the screen. The more matches you play, the more points you earn, and your targets change depending on the levels you unlock. Players can also earn more money by trading openly with several other gamers in the ingame market. Cryptopop’s primary currencies are Ether and Popcorn.

4. Axie Infinity – Most Profitable P2E Blockchain Crypto Games

axie infinity best blockchain games to make money
axie infinity best blockchain games to make money

The lead Pokémon has inspired Axie Infinity, but with the pokemon, it has also included Crypto Kitties, which is obvious; after all, it is a blockchain-based game. Here gamers buy and breed cute little creatures called Axies while battling other players in different modes. Axie does not belong to everyone because of gameplay and graphics, but if you play, it can generate a whole new income stream.

Players need to buy a minimum of three Axies to start, with the cheapest starting from 0.0421 ETH (around $75). This means a pretty initial investment, but time and effort you spent on the game can provide you a return, as winning battles earns you Small Love Potions (SLPs). You can use these SLPs or utility tokens for breeding more Axies, which can then be sold to other players. The higher an Axie’s breed count, the more expensive it becomes.

5. Illuvium – Earn with Blockchain Game

ILLuvium is yet to be released, its beta version out in the first quarter of 2022. You can start playing the game after creating an account. The game is the first built AAA game on Ethereum. 

Unlike most other games, all in-game profits are returned to players and stakeholders. Players can vote on purchase decisions through the Illuvian DAO

This open-world fantasy combat system holds on the Ethereum blockchain and populates with Illuvials, which have varying abilities, classes, and categories. Players can collect them and use them to fight against other Illuvial. They can also keep selling their creatures for ILV tokens.

6. Sorare Fantasy Football – Fantasy Football Game Sorare

You will love this game if you have ever collected the football cards. Sorare has brought the card collection and blockchain together. Now you can exchange the card for a handsome amount of money. 

In the game, players build a team of five players by bidding or trading them with other players’ cards at the Sorare marketplace Cards are valued based on the players on them as well as the numbers produced. Every player receives only one distinct card per season, making them the most precious type to own. Blockchain takes care of the rest by ensuring that gamers can trade their cards with confidence, knowing they are not purchasing fake cards and having access to the entire history of every card on the market.

7. Blankos Block Party – NFT-based Game to Earn Money

Have you heard about the mythical games? If you have, chances are you are probably already familiar with this game, Bloankos. 

Limited edition Blankos have been a big draw for investors, especially after the success of collaborations with Deadmau5 and Burberry.

The game follows the main idea to allow players to design their diverse characters as digital vinyl toys, emphasizing personalized designs. It also allows users to create and explore virtual worlds where they can collect unique ‘Blankos,’ participate in quests, and play team games known as “Block Parties” giving the players full time to enjoy while earning some good money. 

8. MegaCryptoPolis3D – Best blockchain game to earn money

MegaCryptoPolis3D is the dream world for those who love playing like godfathers. Like there is no one else there like them. Then, this blockchain-based is a wish come true for you. The Ethereum-based game permits you to buy, create and monetize a plot of land within a metaverse game map. The game is available for both laptops and mobiles. 

Providing services, selling advertising space, and collecting taxes on land you own are just a few ways you can earn money while playing the game.

MegaCryptoPolis3D also went Defi last year, with the launch of its $MEGA token. This provides players with a lot of new options.

9. Mobox – Earn Money on Binance Smart Chain

Mobox runs on the Binance Smart Chain with the combined use of Defi, also known as decentralized finance. 

The game’s approach is to bring the players and inverters together from different network blockchains in one place. 

More precisely, the main motive of the game is to allow players to freely participate in NFT games and earn money while doing so. The gamer offers MBOX tokens to players to use for transaction processing, staking, and governance to influence resource development and allocation within the MOBOX ecosystem. 

10. Neon District – Blockchain game for passive income

The game is based on the scifi theme, where players fight their way through Unity City. On the way to the city, they learn new skills and unique pieces of a game kit, which are good old NFTs. The player can use this gold to trade in the game’s marketplace, where ETH is the main currency. You can get the full idea of the game by playing it, especially when you face plasma bears. On your quest through the seething backstreets of the vast cityscape, you will face plasma bears as enemies, puzzles to solve, and ‘trading card game battle mechanics’ to master.

11. The Six Dragons – P2E blockchain game

The Six Dragons is a fantasy-themed open-world game in which players are free to explore the infinite lands, farms, craft, trade, improve their arsenal, and much more. Unlike any other game, the Six dragons let you create 300 plus a unique craft to own, which is pretty impressive. 

The fantasy genre is well-worn in both classic and blockchain gaming. However, The Six Dragons look incredible and allow players to explore the game’s world while acquiring and trading a wide range of items.

12. Age of Rust – Earn with a blockchain game

You will fall in love with this game, the game provides amazing gameplay. This Enjin platform-based game is yet to be released later this year. Players can expect to arm themselves with a wide range of weapons, equipment, and extra skills to combat pesky robots. 

To sum up, you have to own the items by fighting battles. Then you can earn money by winning those battles. Three types of in-game puzzles will increase the game’s adventure. For example, finding a door while solving the crypto puzzles and winning the NFTs as the reward making it the best blockchain game to earn money. 

13. Lightnite – Blockchain game for passive income

Lightnite is a battle royale game similar to Fortnite. This game rewards its players with Bitcoin for gunning down other players. The Lightning Network wholly fuels its microtransactions. So, it is clear that if you shoot more players, you will earn more bitcoins in the game. On the other hand, shot players are penalized and lose their Bitcoins. Lightning’s all in-game assets can be tokenized and exchanged via an NFT marketplace the Elixir Marketplace platform.

14. 9Lives Arena – Earn with blockchain game

Along with the Age of Rust, 9 lives Arena, another Enjin platform-based creation. In this game, you will be fighting around different arenas depending on the three factors: practice, preparation, and permadeath.

To start the game, first, you have to choose a player. After selecting your warrior from the Samurai, Viking, Gladiator, and other options, you can personalize them to your heart’s favorite content. You will collect skins, skills, and other items As you win the battles and win more rewards.

15. Gods Unchained 

The list can’t get going without including a magic game. Gods unchanged in one of the many games inspired by Magic. Users construct decks and play cards to battle and defeat enemies in the game. As a blockchain game, players can totally and utterly own the cards they earn and stock or trade them whenever they want. 

However, for some cards, like physical collectible card games, you must finally work hard and win hundreds to thousands of dollars to buy them. Also, the game provides a free mode for the users who are unwilling to put all in. 

16. Decentraland – Play and Earn Game

The game is built on Ethereum and operates similarly to its main competitor, with users purchasing land to build and monetize as they like. The Metaverse is split into several LAND parcels, each with its ERC721 NFT. Meanwhile, the currency you can use in the game is known as MANA, an ERC20 token, and can be used to purchase and customize LAND. Decentraland is a blockchain game for passive income that mimics real life while offering gamers far more authority than they would have beyond the metaverse.

17. Splinterlands – Best blockchain game to earn money

After Axie Infinity, this game makes another replication of pokemon, but this time with little magic. The players who always look for a game drive economy, welcome to the hood; this game is for them. 

The game moves around simple and easy-to-learn rules, and all cards and bundles have real benefits and can be freely traded. You can purchase the new cards through the authoritative in-game shop or the marketplace. Splinterlands receives frequent expansions and updates, resulting in many players. The game has released rare cards recently, making the game an even more appealing prospect for players.

18. Infinite Fleet – Blockchain game for passive income

Another upcoming space-based MMO is Infinite Fleet. Players will take instruction from the United Sol Federation starship to begin operations and fight the Atrox aliens. You can upgrade your arsenal ship and weapons and enable a cooperative mode when you need to join forces with friends to fight vigorously.

The game uses INF currency and it has received a good amount of support. You will receive your INFlike bitcoins through the participation model.

19. Galaxy Fight Club – P2E blockchain game

The Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is more than just an avatar project; it is a real-time PvP MOBA game that unites all of the other avatar collections on a single platform. The players can battle, win, and earn Ethereum and NFTs.

The combination of characters from various IPs, such as Pikachu versus Mario, makes this super smash game so entertaining. Galaxy Fight Club makes a face in different characters like a Bull from Bulls on the Block facing off against an Ape from BAYC, or a Cool Cat facing off against a Cryptopunk.

20. Pirates Of The Arrland – Blockchain game for passive income

Pirates of the Arrland covers many adventures combined with MMO strategic & other economic experiences. All of this happens on a beautiful island. You must complete beautiful quests like collecting gems, clearing obstacles, fighting enemies, and chipping off the island to explore it. You will do all of this to find the huddle treasure or let’s say. NFT items. The further you move in the game, the tougher it gets. 

Genesis pirates can use small islands economically, but only to a limited extent. However, as you reach bigger islands, you will see more buildings, NFTs or treasures, and much more.

That’s all for now. These are the 20 games that you can play on the blockchain, some of which are already here and some will be available soon. But all these games are a great way to have some fun while earning money. 

Top 10 Best Play to Earn Blockchain Game Know in 2022

  1. Splinterlands
  2. Silks
  3. Gods Unchained
  4. Axie Infinity
  5. Gala Games: Town Stars
  6. Illuvium
  7. Decentraland
  8. The Sandbox
  9. Silks
  10. Upland

Best P2E NFT Blockchain Games of 2022

  1. Decentraland
  2. Axie Infinity
  3. The Sandbox
  4. STEPN
  5. Enjin Coin
Can you earn from blockchain games?

Yes, you can earn huge money by playing crypto games like Decentraland and Axie Infinity.

What is the best game to earn crypto?

Decentraland is best game to earn crypto online.

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