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20 Best Free & Paid Crypto Blockchain Games to Make Money in 2022

20 Best Free & Paid Crypto Blockchain Games to Make Money in 2022

Blockchain games present the users with a whole new experience of gaming. Where not only the gamers can play exciting games and also earn money with them. So, check out these 20 amazing games that help their users to earn some money while exploring the entire world of Blockchain-based gaming.

The 10 Best Crypto Blockchain Games to Earn Money in 2022

# Blockchain Game to earn Game Feature
1 Axie Infinity Crypto Game with NFT Creatures
2 Gods Unchained NFT Card Game from the Makers of Magic
3 Star Atlas Explore, Battle, and Cooperate
4 Spider Tanks Multiplayer Brawl with Crypto Rewards
5 ICE Poker  Crypto Poker Games in the Decentraland Metaverse
6 Blankos Block Party Partying with the little toy-looking blankos
7 Thetan Arena Play to earn blockchain-based crypto game
8 Zed Run Horse racing blockchain game
9 My DeFi Pet My DeFi Pet is a play-to-earn game
10 CryptoBlades Crypto game on Binance Smart Chain
Table of best blockchain game to earn money

20 Best blockchain games to make money

1. Illuvium – best blockchain games to make money

With astounding graphics, Illuvium is one of the best blockchain games to make money with NFT. It has a massive fanbase to support its claims of being the best NFT game out there. It offers a good environment and graphics for the users. 

Because of their decentralized indie origins, games frequently have relatively simple graphics. Illuvium is an AAA-tier game with stunning graphics and beautiful landscapes.

 In an open-world RPG adventure game, players must capture creatures, fuse them, and fight with them in turn-based battles. Because it’s a play-to-earn game, users can gain ether along the way, which allows for some high-stakes action. 

Users use Ethereum to purchase in-game objects that can earn prizes. Illuvium, as one of the few Ethereum games on this list, has the potential to top this list in the future due to its high production quality and already large fan base.

2. Sorare – best crypto game to earn money

sorare best blockchain games to make money
sorare – best blockchain games to make money

Sorare is a fantasy world for football fans everywhere. Furthermore, it is one of the best NFT games for making money. The games allow users to be a part of real football teams and create a pitch-like history. It also allows users to select a captain, which results in points based on real-life performance.

Users can form the strongest team and compete for NFT games by creating a squad. Sorare’s key to success is to develop some of the best strategies and assemble the best team possible. Players can earn a large number of rewards and end up playing a rising NFT video game with skilled members. The greatest feature about the games is that users can beat the best in the world.

3. Axie Infinity

axie infinity best blockchain games to make money
axie infinity best blockchain games to make money

 Axie Infinity must be at the top of this list of NFT games. It is an NFT version of Pokemon that allows players to collect, breed, nurture, and combat Axies and creates kingdoms for them. And it has had a significant impact on not only NFT gaming, but gaming in general, with missions, bosses, and storylines for these cuddly critters. Even mainstream firms like Atari are interested in developing the next Axie Infinity.

The game is based on the Ethereum platform. Despite that excessive transaction fees have plagued the network, Axie Infinity continues to possess some of the biggest, if not the highest, monetary volume, fun, and user base.

4. Ember Sword

Ember Sword

Ember Sword’s combat system is classless. It’s a free-to-play MMORPG with a player-powered economy. The game’s main motto is “gameplay first.” The game includes challenging end-game PVE, intense PvP, and a living economy with compelling storylines.

On Ember Sword, players can purchase four different types of land and receive real-world revenue generated by their land. User progress in the game is determined by how well users advance their skills from level 0 to level 100.

5. Silks

best free NFT games to earn money
best free NFT games to earn money

Yet another banger, Silks is a powerful and among the best NFT games to earn money. That packs action and close to reality virtual experience to its users. It uses the power of the amazing technology blockchain to deliver the derivative world to its players. Within the silks world, the players won the avatar and horses that replicated the real-world horses. The games go through everything from training the horses to winning the race battles. When a silk horse wins the race they win the prize in $STT, which is a fungible transaction token. Players can buy and trade the lands in the Silk metaverse. The reality-like experience of this makes it stand out from the hundreds of games in the NFT world.  

6. CyberDragon

 CyberDragon is a market-driven play-to-earn game. The game’s ultimate goal is to take on the fabled Cyber Dragon. It quickly climbs to the top of the industry’s play-to-earn games.

 Each player must link their BSC wallet with BNX tokens to play and hire a hero. The classic wizard, warrior, thief, and rangers hero classes are available. For each of them, there are different attacks and powers. This game’s animation is not on par with other NFT games. However, people who enjoy number-based games and dungeon crawlers, as well as a fun way to earn cryptocurrency, will enjoy this game.

7. Epic Hero – best crypto game to earn money

Epic hero is the first game on the list that offers dual currency to its users and is the best blockchain game to earn money. It provides a 3D experience to its customers with a full activity package. The one who loves farming, adventure, thrill, and easy money can go for this game. Because the EpicHero NFT game is the world’s first 3D NFT, holders can reflect rewards in BNB. Thus, in the NFT game, the longer the holder holds the 3D NFT, the larger the dividend in BNB.

8. Armz Legends

The game  is another Binance Smart Chain play-to-earn NFT game that turns arm wrestling into a digital tournament. Users must first link the wallet and mint arms before engaging in arm wrestling with an accessible, medium, or stiff arm. Its popularity stems from its play-to-earn premise, which allows users to earn cryptocurrency after an arm-wrestling match. Many people find it appealing because each rapid round can reward users with USD 15 or more.

 The game’s graphics, on the other hand, are minimal, consisting only of illustrations of metallic arms on cards and a schedule that calculates the battle’s outcome.

9. Decentraland – Earn by playing blockchain games

Popular NFT Tokens
Decentraland – best free NFT games to earn money

Decentraland is a virtual world powered by blockchain in which users can make avatars and also own virtual real estate. Also, Decentraland is among the best blockchain games to make money 2022. Decentraland, like many other metaverses, allows players to buy plots of virtual land known as NFTs. Naturally, this allows players to imagine and profit from value increases.

Players who own land can monetize their in-game exploits through marketing and content curation. Users can also use the Decentraland Builder to create ‘Scenes,’ allowing for limitless artistic expression. Finally, because Decentraland is structured as a DAO, the players have complete control over Decentraland’s direction.

10. Faraland – best free NFT games to earn money

 The game is a role-playing game where anyone may participate by gathering characters on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Faraland, known as one of NFT’s most popular wargames, features a diverse cast of characters and races, including humans, angels, demons, orcs, elves, Dragonborn’s, and fairies, each with their unique strength, agility, intelligence, and luck.

Faraland allows users to create a party of characters and travel across the planet doing objectives. 

When players reach a specific location on the map, they can choose which actions to take, fulfilling the game’s promise of being a role-playing game with various alternatives. 

While the graphics aren’t as good as Illuvium’s, they have their charm, and players might become addicted to this P2E game.

11. Town Stars – Play-To-Earn Blockchain Farming Game

The game is powered by the Gala Games, which itself is a blockchain-powered platform. Players can not only earn the coins but also can trade and monetize them. The game works similarly to the “Spider Tank”. The gamers can build their empires by performing certain tasks in the game. 

The gamers are free to use the NFT items as a trading asset and to earn the Town coins. The game offers the three types of land: forest, plain lands, and deserts to users. Users can monetize and develop these towns as needed in the game. The game is free and the players can start earning in the game without making any prior investments. 

12. CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a groundbreaking web-based NFT role-playing game that has been launched on the BNB blockchain. The game’s premise is that players are rewarded with SKILL tokens for beating foes and engaging in raids. To boost their overall power, they can hire more characters, make unique weapons, and reforge those weapons. 

On an open market, players can exchange their characters, talents, and weapons. 

The BNB chain is where CryptoBlades’ contracts are deployed. To pay for transactional gas fees and connect their Metamask wallet to the BNB chain, the player will require a small quantity of BNB money. To begin the game, they must obtain a minimum of 4.6 SKILL tokens. 

13. Age Of Rust

Age Of Rust is an interactive option for gamers and also one of the best crypto games to make money. The game explores the mysterious world of the machines and operations of the puzzle and token. By solving the puzzles players can earn tokens which help the players further in the game. 

The game functions on the ENJIN Protocol and relies on the Ethereum Blockchain.

 Initially, the game was meant to be an attraction point for the users that let them explore the blockchain world, but as time went by the game gained a massive number of players. In the game, players focus to hunt a hidden treasure that is worth up to 24 BTC, and when compared to the real-world currency it can make 1,000,000 USD, plus 370, 000 ENJ coins. 

14. Chain Monsters – Blockchain Technology Game

Chain Monsters, often known as Chainmon, is a fast-growing MMORPG.  It’s a play on the various creatures found on the blockchain. Chainmonsters is built on the Flow blockchain, allowing faster transactions and lower gas fees, making the game extremely economical and efficient.

 The game takes place in Ancora, a three-dimensional planet populated by Chainmons. User have to locate the monsters, combat them, collect them, challenge other players, and climb the scoreboard. 

There are over 161 distinct Chainmonsters to choose from. Furthermore, the availability of Chainmonsters grows dramatically with different varieties and mutations.  The game is free to play and play-to-learn, featuring a blockchain-based player-driven economy.

15. Spider Tank – best crypto game to earn money

The Spider Tank allows players to select from a variety of “Spider Tanks” and weapons systems before engaging in battle across a series of maps. It is a free-to-play game with mechanics such as play-to-earn, skill-based competition, resource gathering, and an upgrade cycle. Players can earn money by competing in skill-based games, collecting game assets, and cycling through levels.

Players must explore a wide range of NFT tank bodies, armaments, and special pieces in the tactical battle arena to improve their skills and firepower. Furthermore, there are numerous game modes on Spider Tank that players can experience and win the competition by trying to destroy the enemies on the tanks.

16. The Sandbox – Most popular blockchain game

Sandbox – best blockchain games to make money

The Sandbox was originally intended to be a mobile gaming platform that competed with Minecraft.  It was a massive hit, with more than 40 million downloads around the world, and stands among the best free NFT games to earn money. 

The game makes a perfect comparison of Minecraft as a DeFi version on the blockchain. 

Users can make virtual things with NFTs and subsequently can monetize through trading them on The Sandbox Marketplace for SAND tokens, the game’s native cryptocurrency. Players utilize the SAND in the game for all transactions and interactions. 

And players can earn sand by participating in The Sandbox’s contests and games or by purchasing it on cryptocurrency exchanges.

17. Space Misfits

Space Misfits is a 3D space sandbox massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. Players can hunt, mine, and collect the real-world resources in the game. Gamers can pick which role in the game’s economy they want to play. They have the option of becoming a space pirate, a trader, or a miner. Players can explore the universe, acquire resources, construct spaceship components, and fight other players in this game. 

The Enjin blockchain has an open economy as a result of these factors. This allows users to swap in-game digital stuff. The BITS token can be used to purchase NFTs, game assets, minerals, and game fees. Participating in the game allows players to earn and gather it (e.g., daily missions, completing tasks).

18. Crypto Royale – best crypto game to earn money

Crypto Royale is another play-to-earn and one of the best NFT games to earn money in 2022 that requires no initial investment. It is played in a browser and requires participants to compete against one another to win cryptocurrency. Users can enter a battleground and win cryptocurrency in Crypto Royale. Moons represent users in the game, which can be of various hues (Blue, Yellow, or Pink). Users are rewarded with ROY, Crypto Royale’s native cryptocurrency, an HRC-20 token. The Harmony (One) blockchain is the foundation of Crypto Royale.

 Every day, over 1000 players converge on the battlefield to compete for the title of ROY. 

 Players must be the last person standing on a battlefield to earn the prize.

19. Binemon – best blockchain game to earn money

Binemon incorporates elements of a virtual pet NFT game and an idle RPG game. Aside from collecting and trading eggs, AMB, characters, land, teams, and players. Players can fight in PVE and PVP modes and obtain cryptocurrency rewards.

Binemon gamers can collect more than just mons. Players can use AMB, a special item to empower and update Mons. However, first, they have to discover it in the unlimited open-world landscape.

On the Binemon marketplace, BIN, the BEP-20 Binemon native token, players can use to purchase Mons’ eggs. 

20. Guild Of Guardians – best nft games to earn money

Guild Of Guardians is among the few free NFT gameplay that allows users to monetize all of user earnings and provide players with what they truly deserve. With this game, users can enter a world of magic, fiction, and elves and achieve great things. This one caters to all age groups and allows users to make money and gather an endless amount of NFTs in no time. It is the first RPG game that users can use on mobile and also the best crypto game to earn money.

That is all for now. These are the 20 amazing free and paid games that anyone can start playing now and earn some money. As blockchain technology is emerging, there will be a lot more games like this that surely offer similar or even better benefits for the users. 

10 Best Crypto Blockchain Games to Earn

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Decentraland
  3. Alien Worlds
  4. The Sandbox
  5. Zed Run
  6. Blankos Block Party
  7. Gods Unchained
  8. My DeFi Pet
  9. Star Atlas
  10. CryptoBlades
What is the highest-earning crypto game?

Sandox, Axie Infinity, Decentraland is the best blockchain game to play and earn huge money.

What is the number 1 blockchain crypto game?

Decentraland is the number one crypto game to play and make money.

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