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Petra’s AI Art Soars: Breaking Records and Launching a Vibrant New Series

Petra’s AI Art Soars: Breaking Records and Launching a Vibrant New Series

Petra Breaks Sales Records on Foundation

The NFT world is buzzing with conversations around AI and the incredible achievements of Petra, also known as @Petravoice. On Foundation (FND), Petra has recently shattered her sales all-time highs, not once but four times, by selling four unique 1/1 pieces, totaling over 6 ETH in sales. This remarkable achievement underscores the growing interest and investment in her work.

Upcoming Open Editions Series: A Collaboration with Base

Building on this momentum, Petra has been collaborating with Foundation for about two months on an exciting new Open Editions series. This series is a part of the on-chain summer initiative in partnership with Base and is set to launch on Tuesday, June 11th, at 1 PM EST. The collection will feature 333 individual Open Edition Babes characters, each with a captivating story.

The Concept Behind the Babes Characters

The Babes characters delve into the concept of “koakuma,” which is Japanese for ‘little demon.’ These characters, inspired by Japanese folklore and anime, are mischievous yet non-malicious. Petra’s vibrant and nostalgic style, influenced by 90s and early 2000s anime, brings these characters to life with bold colors and intricate details. This new AI digital identity project is designed to foster an inclusive, internet-native, and expressive community.

How to Collect and Unlock Rewards

All editions are free, with a nominal mint fee of 0.0008 ETH. Collectors can choose their favorite Babes through a user-friendly microsite, which offers various ways to collect: by Packs, Traits, Petra’s favorites, and even a convenient ‘Buy All’ button for seamless transactions. As collectors gather more Babes, they unlock special rewards. Top collectors will receive a unique 1/1 Base directly from Petra, adding an extra layer of excitement and incentive.


Daily Free Posters and More

To add to the excitement, Foundation will be offering daily free Petra Babes-inspired posters on their homepage throughout the week. Each day brings a new mint, encouraging daily visits and continuous engagement with Petra’s art.

Petra’s achievements and the upcoming Open Editions series highlight the dynamic intersection of AI, art, and NFTs, showcasing how digital innovation can create vibrant, inclusive communities.


Petra (@Petravoice) recently broke sales records on Foundation, selling four 1/1 pieces totaling over 6 ETH. She’s launching an exciting Open Editions series on June 11th in partnership with Base, featuring 333 unique Babes characters inspired by the concept of “koakuma” from Japanese folklore. The collection is free (+0.0008 ETH mint fee) and offers special rewards for top collectors. Daily free posters will also be available on Foundation’s homepage.


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