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Game Changer Alert: Chibi Clash – The First AI-Infused Game on Base

Game Changer Alert: Chibi Clash – The First AI-Infused Game on Base

The gaming landscape is about to undergo a revolutionary transformation with the introduction of Chibi Clash, the first real AI-infused game on the Base platform. This innovative game ecosystem brings together interconnected gaming projects, blending both centralized and decentralized experiences. Chibi Clash is designed to introduce blockchain technology to mainstream gamers while providing the core community with the usual perks of digital ownership.


Meet the Chibi Clash Ecosystem

Chibi Clash comprises three main games, each offering a unique gaming experience:

1. Chibi Clash Kingdoms

Chibi Clash Kingdoms introduces AI-driven gameplay with land ownership mechanics. Players can own, develop, and upgrade land plots within the game, leveraging AI to create a dynamic and immersive environment.

2. Clash/Survivor

Clash/Survivor is a fast-paced web game set within the Chibi Clash Kingdoms universe. In this game, players control heroes, battle enemies, and upgrade their abilities using Battle Items. The gameplay is engaging and designed to keep players on their toes.

3. Clash/Hero (Est. June 2024)

Scheduled for release in June 2024, Clash/Hero is a mobile autobattler where players upgrade heroes through combat. The game features a play-to-keep (P2K) mechanic that allows players to forge in-game items into NFTs, introducing non-crypto gamers to the exciting world of web3.

Land Mechanics

The land mechanics in Chibi Clash Kingdoms are designed to add depth and strategy to the gameplay:

  • Kingdom Land Tiers: Land plots start at Tier 1 and grow based on factors like Fertility, Wealth, Defense, and Prestige Points.
  • Action Points: Players receive 6 action points every 4 hours for farming and exploration on the Kingdom Map, uncovering treasures, and engaging with Oracles.
  • Earning Kingdom Points: Players can earn Kingdom Points through various challenges and activities such as farming, exploring, recruitment bonuses, and leaderboard competitions.
  • Dynamic Kingdom Map: Powered by AI, the new Kingdom Map offers dynamic landscapes for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Initial Land Details

In its initial form, the Kingdoms map forms a 50×50 grid with 2496 individual land plots for sale, making it the largest cohesive game map ever generated by AI to date.

Kingdoms Land Info

  • Mint Dates: May 29 (Whitelist) & June 2 (Public Raffle Winners)
  • Total Supply: 2496 land plots
  • Blockchain: Base
  • Mint Price: 0.025 ETH

Mechanics & Incentives

  • Revenue Share: Sellers receive 80% (Tier 1-4) to 95% (Tier 5) of sales, while the Chibi Clash treasury receives 5% (Tier 5) to 20% (Tier 1-4).
  • Territory Takeovers: After minting and a cooldown period, all land will be made available for sale at double the price (0.05 ETH). Upgrading land to Tier 5 protects it from being sniped or allows the owner to set their own price.
  • Secondary Sales: Land is available for secondary sale on the Chibi Clash website or partnered marketplaces. Land doubles in price with each purchase/upgrade until Tier 5, where the owner can set the price.
  • Land Upgrades: Land upgrades a tier with each purchase or can be upgraded by the owner, increasing its price and stats. Visual assets of the land change based on the GenAI Engine, with the current maximum being Tier 5.
  • Buyer/Upgrade Incentives: Buyers or upgraders receive 1000 Kingdom Points (KP) towards the Play2Airdrop campaign whenever land is minted, purchased, or upgraded.

Kingdom Points (KP)

Land emits KP for Play2Airdrop, encouraging player engagement and progression.

AI Features

  • Seamless Map: Land plots are visually and narratively connected, creating a cohesive, ever-evolving world map.
  • GenAI Art: The Chibi Kingdoms AI Engine generates new and improved art for world events and upgrades.
  • Autonomous AI NPCs: NPCs roam the Kingdoms, offering aid, rewards, new lore, and customized gaming experiences.

Kingdoms Meta Game

  • Land Stats: Land plots have 45 to 55 points randomly assigned across four stats (Fertility, Wealth, Defense, Prestige). Each tier increase adds 5 random stat points.
  • Leaderboard: Top warlords are ranked based on the kingdoms they rule, earning more KP and eligibility for airdrops.
  • Challenges: Land opens additional Kingdom challenges for KP.
  • Farm: Players can plant and harvest seeds on land for rewards. The land evolves with the number of harvests.
  • Explore: Players can uncover new land, hidden items, resources, or challenges.

Token Economy

The Chibi Clash ecosystem is powered by $CLASH, an ERC20 governance token. $CLASH enables transactions, rewards achievements, and drives the economic model of Chibi Clash, ensuring a sustainable and engaging gaming environment.

Partnerships and Investors

Chibi Clash has garnered significant support from notable partners and investors, including @0xPolygon and @XterioGames, among many others. These collaborations are poised to disrupt the web3 gaming space and bring blockchain gaming to the mainstream.

Notable Actions for Players

  • Sign Up for Public Raffle on Xterio: Get a chance to win exclusive in-game items and rewards.
  • Start Farming Kingdom Points: Engage in farming activities to earn valuable Kingdom Points.
  • Watch AI Transform Your Assets Daily: Experience the dynamic changes in your in-game assets driven by AI technology.

Chibi Clash is set to redefine the web3 gaming landscape, offering a blend of AI-driven gameplay, dynamic land mechanics, and a robust token economy. Get ready to dive into the future of gaming with Chibi Clash!

TLDR: Chibi Clash is revolutionizing web3 gaming with its AI-infused gameplay on the Base platform. Featuring three interconnected games—Chibi Clash Kingdoms, Clash/Survivor, and Clash/Hero—the ecosystem offers dynamic land mechanics, a robust token economy powered by $CLASH, and significant partnerships. Players can sign up for raffles, farm Kingdom Points, and watch AI dynamically transform their assets. Initial land sales start on May 29 (Whitelist) and June 2 (Public Raffle Winners) at 0.025 ETH.


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