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Revolutionizing Retro Gaming: Pizza Ninjas Brings N64 to Bitcoin Blockchain

Revolutionizing Retro Gaming: Pizza Ninjas Brings N64 to Bitcoin Blockchain

In an electrifying fusion of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology, Pizza Ninjas has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by inscribing a Nintendo 64 emulator directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain. This pioneering endeavor, initially dismissed as impractical, was made possible through the innovative application of Brotli Compression within the Ordinals framework, marking a significant leap in the preservation and accessibility of classic video games.

Bridging Generations: N64 Emulator on Bitcoin

The decision to inscribe an N64 emulator and its iconic games onto Bitcoin’s immutable ledger was driven by both technical feasibility and a deep-seated passion for retro gaming. Brotli Compression, known for its exceptional file size reduction capabilities—about 80%—has been the game-changer. This compression technique allowed the Pizza Ninjas team to shrink the size of legendary games like “Goldeneye 64” from 12.4 MB to a mere 3.15 MB, fitting perfectly within the constraints of a single Bitcoin block or spread across multiple transactions.

Cost-Effective Preservation and Accessibility

With network fees at an all-time low, the cost of inscribing these gaming treasures onto the blockchain is surprisingly affordable. A complete inscription at the current rate of 15 sats/vbyte amounts to approximately $6,000—a small price for the permanence and global accessibility it offers. Even at a higher fee rate, the project remains within reach, showcasing the team’s commitment to making gaming history both preserved and playable for future generations.

We didn’t think this would be practical initially, but thanks to the new Brotli Compression on Ordinals Inscribing a larger system like N64 and its games is more realistically feasible than before – Trevor Owens

A Multiplayer Renaissance on the Blockchain

One of the most exciting aspects of this project is the potential for multiplayer gaming. The N64, celebrated for its early adoption of non-DRM, 4-player multiplayer capabilities, stands as an ideal candidate for this experiment. Leveraging WebRTC, Pizza Ninjas aims to enable seamless online multiplayer experiences over Wifi, promising endless fun at Bitcoin gatherings and beyond.

Future-Proofing Gaming Heritage

While the integration of N64 emulation into Bitcoin PFPs and the development of a user-friendly interface are still underway, the vision is clear. Pizza Ninjas is not just inscribing games; they’re embedding a piece of cultural heritage onto the blockchain, ensuring that these beloved titles are preserved and enjoyed for as long as the Bitcoin network exists.

It’s a reminder of the boundless possibilities that blockchain technology and creative ingenuity can unlock, from preserving the legacies of the past to shaping the digital landscapes of the future.


Pizza Ninjas has inscribed a Nintendo 64 emulator onto the Bitcoin blockchain, leveraging Brotli Compression to make this feat both practical and cost-effective. This initiative opens up new possibilities for preserving and accessing classic video games, with plans to introduce online multiplayer functionality via WebRTC. It’s a testament to the innovative spirit of the gaming and Bitcoin communities, ensuring that cherished gaming memories are safeguarded and celebrated for generations to come.


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