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Hoops and Art Collide: Upcoming Artists’ Charity Auction with Nifty Gateway

Hoops and Art Collide: Upcoming Artists’ Charity Auction with Nifty Gateway

Blending Art and Basketball Amidst Art Basel’s Fervor

As Art Basel Miami, one of the most prestigious art events in the world, unfolds this December, a unique and culturally significant event will be taking center stage. Scheduled for December 9th, the Artists’ Charity Auction is set to merge the adrenaline-pumping world of basketball with the expressive realm of art. This event, coinciding with Art Basel, is not just a celebration of creativity but also a testament to the power of community and philanthropy.

A Court of Creativity: Sports Meets Art for Charity

This innovative event promises to be a haven for both sports enthusiasts and art lovers. With a 3v3 basketball tournament involving 100 local kids and a tempting $10,000 cash prize, it appeals to the competitive spirit of the sports world. More intriguing is the opportunity it presents for participants to try out for the prestigious Big3 basketball league, founded by entertainment icon Ice Cube.

Artistic Expression in Live Action and Workshops

What makes this event particularly special during Art Basel is its dedication to the arts. Celebrated artists such as John Westbay and Donkeeboy will be engaging attendees with live art demonstrations, offering a rare glimpse into the artistic process. Additionally, the event will feature educational workshops for children, nurturing the next generation of artists.

The NFT Dimension: A Modern Twist to Charity Auctions

In an exciting collaboration with Nifty Gateway, the renowned NFT platform, the charity auction will showcase exclusive 1/1 physical artworks. Nifty Gateway, a beacon in the world of digital art and NFTs, brings an innovative edge to the auction, seamlessly integrating the traditional with the digital.

Artists Uniting for Good During Art Basel

This auction will display works from a diverse group of artists, each contributing their unique styles and visions to support the charitable cause. The list includes John Westbay, Gabe Weis, Alien Queen, Daniel Allen Cohen, and many others, all coming together during the vibrant atmosphere of Art Basel.

A Cultural Convergence at Art Basel

This event is more than just an auction; it’s a cultural convergence, symbolizing the evolving relationship between traditional art forms, modern digital expressions, and sports. Taking place during Art Basel, it highlights the evolving narrative of art in the digital age, while fostering a spirit of community and charity.


The Artists’ Charity Auction on December 9th, coinciding with Art Basel Miami, is a unique event combining a 3v3 basketball tournament and live art from renowned artists. It features an NFT charity auction on Nifty Gateway with exclusive artworks, showcasing the synergy of art, sports, digital innovation, and philanthropy.


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