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COLORIDA: Rodrigo Bardin’s Artistic Journey from Darkness to Light

COLORIDA: Rodrigo Bardin’s Artistic Journey from Darkness to Light

Celebrating Resilience and Color in the Midst of Darkness

Berlin-based Brazilian artist Rodrigo Bardin announces the release of his captivating art collection, “COLORIDA,” exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain on December 5th, 2023. This collection is not just an array of artworks; it’s a profound narrative of transformation and healing.

The Genesis of “COLORIDA

Crafted on the enigmatic streets of Berlin between 2021 and 2022, “COLORIDA” consists of 30 artworks, each telling a story of resilience. These pieces were deeply influenced by Bardin’s harrowing experience of an express kidnapping in São Paulo, Brazil. This traumatic event, where he faced death at gunpoint, became a turning point in his life and art.

The Artworks: A Blend of Fear and Beauty

The collection comprises 29 unique 1/1 pieces and one limited edition of 30, available for 0.35 and 0.035 ETH respectively. Each artwork embodies the artist’s journey through fear, resilience, and the therapeutic power of art. In a special gesture, Bardin offers a print as a gift to the first collector of each 1/1 piece.

The Creative Process: A Nighttime Odyssey

Bardin’s work is a testament to his bravery in confronting his fears. He shoots at night, channeling his fear of darkness into his art. This practice, which started as a coping mechanism, evolved into a passionate exploration of urban landscapes under the cloak of night, capturing the vibrancy and mystery of Berlin.

“COLORIDA” Online: A Multifaceted Experience

Interested viewers can delve into the full background story and explore the high-resolution motion trailer on Bardin’s website. The site also features a section dedicated to “Meet the Artist,” offering insights into Bardin’s multifaceted career and his journey in the digital and creative realms.

The Collector’s Privilege

Bardin adds an exclusive touch for collectors. Along with the digital artworks, collectors have the opportunity to claim signed prints and a limited book edition, contingent on the sale proceeds. These tangible elements bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms of art.


Rodrigo Bardin is Brazilian born, Berlin based multidisciplinary creative and artist that explores and creates artworks using primarly a camera. With over 20 years of experience, he’s also built a career around the digital realm by exploring different disciplines, from user experience to art direction and brand strategy, working with local and global brands and agencies.


Rodrigo Bardin’s “COLORIDA” is a deeply personal art collection born from a traumatic experience, symbolizing the healing power of art. This collection, available exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain, offers a unique blend of digital and physical art experiences, reflecting Bardin’s journey from darkness into a world of color and resilience.


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