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DeltaSauce’s Remarkable NFT Journey: “Views” Shatters Expectations

DeltaSauce’s Remarkable NFT Journey: “Views” Shatters Expectations

The Genesis of “Views” – A Phenomenal NFT Art Project

DeltaSauce’s Triumph: The NFT space is constantly evolving, and DeltaSauce’s latest project, “Views,” is a testament to this dynamic world. Launched on November 30th, the project has already garnered overwhelming attention, trading over 160 ETH with a startling floor price over 1 ETH as of this writing, a nod to digital culture. DeltaSauce’s emotional expression of gratitude reflects the significant impact and reception of “Views” in the NFT community.

Exploring the Intricacies of “Views”: DeltaSauce’s innovative project is built on a foundation of three main traits: ‘Simpatico,’ ‘Divergent,’ and ‘Radical.’ These traits represent varying degrees of reality displacement, from slight anomalies to the fringes of time and space. This intricate classification system offers a diverse range of experiences, from near-realistic scenarios to the utterly abstract.

The Evolution of the Collection: The journey of “Views” spans over 10 months, a period during which DeltaSauce explored a plethora of ideas and witnessed the evolution of tools in the NFT space. This progression is reflected in the timeline of the collection, offering a unique narrative through its art pieces.

Inspirations from Pop Culture: DeltaSauce’s inspiration is deeply rooted in the films of their youth, such as “Terminator” and “Star Wars.” These cinematic experiences have shaped the artist’s vision, allowing them to create windows into other worlds and offer a form of escapism through their art.

Art as a Window to Other Worlds: At its core, “Views” is about drawing the observer into a different realm, providing a respite from reality. Each piece in the collection is not just art; it’s a story, a portal to another dimension, mirroring our role as spectators in the real world.

Collection Details: “Views” consists of 500 pieces, each were priced at 0.10 ETH. More information about this groundbreaking collection can be found on DeltaSauce’s website.

This morning deltasauce shared his joy with his collectors-

Seriously, words can not describe how I am feeling as an artist, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Deltasauce

As fans of his for a long time, we couldn’t be more elated for his success. Congratulations, you deserve this.


DeltaSauce’s NFT project “Views” has made a remarkable debut, trading over 160 ETH on its first day. It features three unique traits – ‘Simpatico,’ ‘Divergent,’ and ‘Radical’ – each offering a distinct perspective on reality. Inspired by classic films, the collection took 10 months to create and consists of 500 pieces, priced at 0.10 ETH each.


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