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Tarzan enters the metaverse with official NFT release

Tarzan enters the metaverse with official NFT release

This new Tarzan is prepared to depart the jungle, assume some accoutrements, and appear in a variety of Web3 game environments.

A new multi-year licensing agreement between digital fashion studio XLABEL and the estate of Tarzan’s original creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs, has brought the popular fictional character Tarzan from the African jungle to the Web3.

Disney is not a participant. And this Tarzan is portrayed differently than in the past.

Australia’s XLABEL and the Ethereum NFT marketplace X2Y2 will launch a 9,999-token Tarzan: Lord of the Apes NFT collection on March 28 for those on an invite list for 0.05 ETH (around $90) per token. On March 30, the remaining supply will go on sale to the public for 0.06 ETH (around $110) per token.

XLABEL aims to link its digital Tarzan into third-party blockchain-driven metaverse games and networks. Tarzan’s Ethereum NFT versions will work with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, which powers Fortnite and other famous games.

A news statement from XLABEL says that Tarzan is the first figure to be released in books, plays, movies, and the metaverse. The character’s reputation was cemented by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original “Tarzan of the Apes” magazine series from 1912. This was followed by books, early movies, radio shows, and more.

The modern Tarzan was made by XLABEL’s in-house digital artists and the anonymous digital artist Skeeva. They used Burroughs’ original description of the character, whose British parents were slain off the coast of Africa, leaving Tarzan to be raised by apes.

The chiseled Web3 version of Tarzan has different face emotions, and XLABEL plans to release digital fashion items for Tarzan, like ape-inspired hat NFTs and other wearables.

Web3-era Tarzan will have a more well-groomed look than the one viewers are used to seeing.

Morris wanted to make a character that showed where John Clayton II (Tarzan’s real name) came from before his parents, who were British royalty, went on a dangerous trip to Africa. From there, people who own NFTs will be able to give him a new life in the metaverse.

Through GameStop’s store, XLABEL already has its own set of original NFTs. The company is not the first to bring a famous fantasy character to Web3. Last year, it released an NFT collection based on Betty Boop.

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