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Polygon Co-founder Leaves to Run Independent Modular Blockchain, Avail

Polygon Co-founder Leaves to Run Independent Modular Blockchain, Avail

After five years, Anurag Arjun is leaving the Layer 2 blockchain to focus on the development of the modular Layer 1 blockchain, Avail.

Anurag Arjun spun off Avail, his Layer 1 blockchain startup, from Polygon. Thursday night, the co-founder of Polygon announced that he would be leaving the company to focus on his new endeavor.

five years of experience with the Ethereum scaling protocol. But now that Polygon is focusing on Layer 2 solutions, he believes it is time to remove the project from the web3 company’s ecosystem, where it has been incubated since he began developing it in 2020.

I am delighted to announce that Avail, a modular blockchain optimized for data availability, will be spun off from Polygon Labs and Polygon Foundation and exist independently. Today is a momentous occasion in my five or more years at Polygon, tweeted Arjun. Arjun will now oversee the development of Avail outside of Polygon.

Arjun stated that “the need for Polygon to focus on Layer 2 solutions and streamline its efforts has become essential” in reference to Polygon’s success since he co-founded the company in 2017 with Jaynti Kanani and Sandeep Nailwal as Matic, through its transformation into Polygon after Mihailo Bjelic joined in 2021.

“Avail is uniquely positioned to help developers overcome the challenges associated with monolithic blockchains, but it is beyond the scope of Polygon’s L2 solutions. Consequently, I proposed continuing to operate Avail as a separate, independently funded organization,” he wrote.

Arjun describes Avail as “a base consensus layer that allows other blockchains or applications with any execution environment to be built on top.” According to a blog post on the blockchain platform’s website, Avail enables developers to build swift, efficient, and scalable applications. Comparable to modular layer 2 blockchains

Ensuring the availability of transaction order enables developers to optimize executions.

“Its strength derives from a peer-to-peer network of light clients that perform DAS to ensure data availability, potentially numbering tens of thousands to millions. According to a blog post published by Arjun on Wednesday, Avail decouples the data availability layer, allowing chain developers to concentrate more easily on execution and settlement.

Arjun asserts that the platform utilizes sovereign chains, validiums, and optimistic chains, in addition to sovereign roll-ups powered by zero-knowledge cryptography.

Arjun claims that the platform’s ability to allow developers to create applications in any way they see fit is a significant advantage over other scaling blockchains.

Avail is also compatible with various Web3 protocols due to its protocol independence. It is open-source, making it accessible to all developers, and it will also have a community governance system.

The project has already begun on the testnet, and the roadmap and long-term goals will be made public shortly.

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